Connection With Others Brings Us Healing

We need to be open and honest with each other about the pain in our lives. We need to be willing to ask. When asked, we need to be willing to share. This is the connection that brings healing. When we stay in isolation, our chances of achieving wholeness are slim at best.


Finding safe people to trust can be difficult, especially if you are coming out of an unhealthy relationship or lifestyle. But we were not meant to be alone. As you look around you and work to develop friendships, be aware that you need wise and thoughtful friends in your life, and you can offer that gift to others. Be approachable, express genuine interest in others, and demonstrate kindness. Everyone wants a friend who models those behaviors.

Find this type of friend for yourself. Be this type of friend to others. We can mend our broken hearts, exchange loneliness for companionship, and participate in the double blessing of helping others to heal and being healed ourselves.

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